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Vampire Weekend and Cousin Steve Buscemi Serenade Easter Parade

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By Greg Seals on April 1, 2013

Vampire Weekend continues its less-than-conventional approach to promote its forthcoming album. First, the band took to the classifieds section of the New York Times to announce the album title of their third studio effort, “Modern Vampires of The City,” due out May 14.

VW Steve Buscemi

The next step in the band’s off-beat PR campaign the album: recruiting the possibly long-lost cousin of bassist Chris Baio, actor Steve Buscemi, to accompany the group in New York City’s Easter Parade and Easter Bonnet Festival on Sunday. Buscemi even went so far as to indulge the crowd in an all megaphone version — very Boardwalk Empire — of the band’s latest single, “Diane Young.” Read the tweets and check out the video below.

Vampire Weekend Announces Album Title Via N.Y. Times Classifieds
The Many Deaths of Steve Buscemi

While the legitimacy of the kinship between Baio and Buscemi is still awaiting confirmation, Baio is actually kin to Charles in Charge himself, actor Scott Baio. You can read that on Bob Loblaw’s law blog.


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