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Watching This Silversmith Craft Pope Francis’ Chalice Is Oddly Mesmerizing

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By Greg Seals on March 29, 2013

One of the perks of the papacy is all the sick swag you get: rings, robes, more hats than a Lids franchise and now your very own chalice. The best part? You don’t even have to make like Indy and go on a Nazi-filled last crusade to get it.

Enter Argentinian Juan Carlos Pallarols, the same silversmith who created the roses that adorned Princess Diana’s tomb, who was already hard at work creating a chalice for an exhibition of his work at the Vatican galleries when the papal upheaval began. Now, he and his workshop are crafting a specially designed pimp cup to present to his personal friend Pope Francis.

Here, one of Pallarols’ craftsmen is seen hand crafting the chalice. Visitors to the Vatican Gallery will be able to hammer their own chisel mark into the cup before it’s presented to the newly elected Pope.

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