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Creepy Old Dude in Tutu Dances to Rihanna

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By HVvids on November 10, 2010

This might not exactly be safe for work, unless you work in a bath house full of creepy old pervs in fire engine-red tutus. Which is entirely possible. We don’t know you. That could be your gig.

“Only Girl in the World” is the lead single off Rihanna’s fifth upcoming studio album, Loud. The song debuted on September 10th and already has an overwheling amount of auto-tune remixes and parodies. But the eeriest one dropped this week, when an old dude slathered in baby oil danced to it in an open field.

Our hilarious friends over at Urlesque had this clever quip: “Some say that life begins at eighty. Others say STOP, GRANDPA, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE STOP MAKING THESE VIDEOS AND LET’S JUST PLAY RUMMIKUB AND DRINK SWEET TEA AND MAYBE WATCH ‘JUDGE JUDY’ TOGETHER?”

Sorry. We know that will probably haunt your dreams forever.

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