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Animal Dialogues No. 5: Jellyfish on Hats

SIMON: I think I could be the kind of jellyfish that wears a hat. I think it would make me look slim. I’d look like one of those Upright Fleshbones. MARY: You mean humans? SIMON: My tentacles would flow like clean summer hair.

Animal Dialogues No. 4: Tuna on Spawning

SALLY: You know I’m not laying eggs anymore, right? HANK: Yeah, so? SALLY: So you don’t have to stick around, Hank. HANK: But I can SEA we’re going to have a WHALE of a time!

Animal Dialogues No. 3: Penguins on Running

Son, do we have ourselves a winner? Or a loser? I don’t want my son sliding on his stomach like everyone else! I wish my father pushed me harder. You’re lucky to have one who cares so much, Sheldon.

Animal Dialogues No. 2: Pigs on Bacon

Don’t you ever wish for something greater? To risk it all and move to New York? Or to start a family? I could be a great businesspig, but I don’t want to wake up one day and wonder why I didn’t give my dreams a chance.