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Learn to Count with Rupert Murdoch and Friends

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Neda Semnani

By Neda Semnani on July 23, 2014

Man, people either get your Twitter humor or they don’t. And when they don’t think you’re joking and they hate you? Well, they will say mean things to you.

Last Wednesday, media mogul Rupert Murdoch was tweeting about how excited he was to relax in the Australian bush.

To translate from Australian, Murdoch said he was hoping to show off, via photography, many kangaroos.

To the discerning observer it is clear that there are only nine kangaroos in Murdoch’s picture, not hundreds as he says there are in his tweet. Perhaps he’s joking or, perhaps, he cannot count.

The Internet, ever helpful, corrected the billionaire:

Is there eight, nine, ten, hundred, or even gazillion-million kangaroos?

[Banner image via Wikimedia]


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