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Off The Grid: On The Frontlines of America’s Cyberwar

In this edition of Off The Grid, The Daily Beast’s Shane Harris joins Jesse Ventura for an exploration into the frontlines of America’s Cyberwar with his new book “@War: The Rise of the Military-Internet Complex.” Are Google and Facebook in cahoots with the government? Can…

Big Media Blindspot: Blue-Collar Blues

Is dismantling worker’s compensation destroying the middle class? Jesse Ventura looks at how big business is cutting benefits for blue-collar workers in this big media blindspot. Will cutting worker’s comp create more disparity between the classes? Check out more episodes of Off the Grid with…

Dating Apps: The Generational Divide

Do seniors use Tinder? Our digital dating experts on hookup culture and why older generations may be “horrified” to learn that you can find a sex partner with your phone. Check out more clips from this episode at Ora TV.