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Cam Girl That Masturbated in Cornell Library Stages Surprise Comeback

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By HVnews on March 13, 2013

Remember when a pretty young thing filmed herself taking a two-finger study break in the Cornell’s Carpenter Hall Library last fall?

It turned out, after we did a little service journalism, she wasn’t a coed at all, but rather a 22-year-old webcam performer based in Syracuse who calls herself Cameron Knight. Since the video surfaced and our post went viral — it still does heavy weekend traffic, fapfapfap — Knight had shut down her operation and hadn’t been seen or heard from in months.


But on Wednesday, in what could be billed as her comeback show (no pun intended), Knight mysteriously reappeared without warning on the popular cam site Myfreecams.com under the handle TeamCK.


Our one-handed-typing sources tell us she cammed for a short performance before mysteriously dropping off yet again. In that time, it’s believed that she made hundreds of dollars, if not more, through a token-and-tipping system that is incentivized by sexual acts when certain goals are met. When asked in Wednesday’s chat about the incident in the Cornell Library, she refused to address the incident, only stating that “it would never happen again.”


Sadly we weren’t able to capture any video of the performance before she dropped offline, but be sure to bookmark Knight’s new profile on MyFreecams in case she surfaces again.


Are you #TeamCK now?

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