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Third Wheel Prince Harry: The Definitive Gallery

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By India Kushner on August 8, 2012

Poor Prince Harry. The perpetual bachelor is doomed to spend every photo op sitting alone, twiddling his thumbs, while William and Kate Duchess Catherine canoodle.

Fortunately, it means many more hilarious images like these.

This GIF of Harry has gone around the Internet faster than Usain Bolt:


This is Harry trying to make the best of it at the Olympics:

Curb Appeal

Windsor Family Values

Listening in on the Duke and Duchess’ conversation at the Opening Ceremony. What are they talking about? Maybe Kate’s tight blue pants?


Left out again:


Ignored and alone in the rain:


When he just can’t take the pain anymore, he takes a nap:

Middletoned and Fabulouis

Even when England wins, he gets left out of the excitement. So he high-fives the guy next to him:


Making us wonder if, maybe, Henry Charles Albert David, Prince of Wales, secretly wants to be William*?


* By the way, William got three new titles when he wed Kate Middleton. They are simply wonderful.

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