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Hottest ‘Hot for Teacher’ Student Sex Story Ends Without Climax

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By HVnews on October 9, 2012

A former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader reversed course and pleaded guilty on Monday to having sex with her 17-year-old former student while she was a teacher at a Kentucky high school. The plea deal will allow her to avoid jail time, because she’s a decently attractive woman and not some creepy pervert dude who would get years in prison for doing the exact same thing.

“Out romantic relationship included voluminous phone calls and text messages,” 27-year-old Sarah Jones said in court. “I sent sexually explicit text messages to (the victim) when he was a student. I had sexual contact including sexual intercourse with (the student) in Kenton County, Kentucky, while he was a student and I was a teacher.”

Jones “pleaded guilty to felony custodial interference and misdemeanor sexual misconduct as part of a plea agreement,” according to Cincinnati.com. She then walked out of the courtroom holding hands with the former student, who is now 18, and legally dating a former NFL cheerleader.

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Luckiest boy in America … or sex crime victim?

Zach Galifianakis, in his now legendary ‘SNL’ monologue in March 2010, foreshadowed this story: “You know that kid who had sex with his high school teacher about a year ago? I read online today that that kid died, today. He died of high-fiving. He was in a high-fiving accident.”

Sarah Jones, the 26-year-old captain of the Ben-Gals squad who excites bored Ohioans eight Sundays a year at Paul Brown Stadium, was also a high-school freshman English teacher. Until November 2011, when she abruptly resigned from her post.

Recently we found out why. Jones stands accused of inappropriate conduct with an underage student. An attractive NFL cheerleader once linked to a player? That kid might have to wear a mitten or else he may suffer the same fate as Galifianakis’ joke subject.

On Thursday, Jones was indicted on charges of first-degree sexual abuse and unlawful use of electronic means to induce a minor to engage in sexual or other prohibited acts. Her mother, Cheryl Jones, a middle-school principal in the same district, was indicted alongside her daughter for allegedly tampering with physical evidence in her daughter’s case. Both women entered “not guilty” pleas in court on Monday.

And, of course, what sensational, sexy saga would be complete without a Taiwanese animation video from the hilarious geniuses over at NMA Studios?

Jones has appeared in a Kentucky courtroom before: In 2009 she sued TheDirty.com after the gossip rag posted a photo of her with former Bengals kicker Shayne Graham, implying the two were an item. Comments also appeared saying she had sex in her classroom and was riddled with STDs.

“A federal judge in Kentucky awarded Jones an $11 million default judgment for defamation, but litigation continues in the case,” according to WPTV.

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