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This New Monkey Species Looks Just Like Jake Gyllenhaal, and More Web Goodness

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By Greg Seals on September 13, 2012

Scientists discover a new species of monkey, the lesula, and it looks just like Jake Gyllenhaal. [Geekosystem]

This True Story of a Boy and His Lost Stuffed Monkey Will Leave You in Tears
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The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Watch these people gush over an iPhone 4S, which they’ve been told is an iPhone 5. [WarmingGlow]

Giving Wendy’s a run for its money, Google has launched the Baconator, which calculates degrees from Kevin Bacon. It’s hard to get one over 2. [FilmDrunk]

Watch a beautiful love story between a bunny and his balloon.[The Daily What]

Polish Spider-Man is the least-helpful superhero. Actually, he’s kind of a dick. [UnrealityMag]

Ryan Lochte is in good company. Check out 30 Rock’s 20 greatest sports moments. [WarmingGlow]

Speaking of Ryan Lochte, Tyra Banks taught him how to “smize” (smile with your eyes) as they sat front-row at Fashion Week. [TheFrisky]

Your shame just got a whole lot brighter. McDonalds will now display lighted calorie information next to the food you stuff your face with. [DeathandTaxes]

How getting hit with a volleyball saved one man’s life. [TheFW]

It’s a marriage made in meme heaven. Watch this couple tie the knot, Gangnam-style. [DailyDot]

This baby avatar will bend your mouth into a smile. [TheMarySue]

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