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Kody Maxson Blackmail Victim: ‘I Gave Him What He Wanted’

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By Cooper Fleishman on October 18, 2012

• Suspected Amanda Todd Blackmailer Outs Second Pedo Cyberstalker
• Creep Who Allegedly Tormented Amanda Todd Says He Protected Her

It’s not clear whether Kody Maxson is the cyberstalker — or the sole cyberstalker — behind Amanda Todd’s extortion and harassment that led to her suicide at the age of 15. But here’s a video statement from a teenage girl named Peyton on Blogtv — a chat hub with a dedicated channel for teens aged 13 to 15, where Todd was recorded nude — saying Maxson recorded her, stalked her, threatened her, and finally left her alone when “I gave him what he wanted.”

And he wasn’t the only one.

In the process, Peyton learned plenty of personal information about Maxson, such as his full name, address and phone number (both muted in the video), even the names of his cousins and family.

Her statement was broadcast on “The Daily Capper,” a bizarre, animated YouTube news show about the community of (often underage) girls exposing themselves and the creeps recording and “capping” them, often blackmailing their victims with the evidence.

Host: Peyton claims she is free of her blackmailers’ clutches. She went on Blogtv to share her story of how Kody blackmailed her. She even got her mom to cuss him out …

A month ago he recorded me for the first time, and then i was stupid enough to keep doing it because he said he’d never do it again, and he was stupid and he didn’t want to ruin our relationship. And he just used me and he stopped calling me, stopped calling me and just wanted me out of is life because i gave him what he wanted. I have his address … he lives in Canada, i know his cousins’ names, his family … his full name is Dakota William Shain Maxson … I know his phone number … I was just, like, liking the attention he was giving me.

The feed ends. Peyton is now in the living room of her house, chatting online, when she calls her mom:

… Mom, cuss cody out for me, he just ??? my email.

Host: Peyton admits she still wants to be with Kody. Meanwhile, Kody was in the room threatening her in public.

The web series has documented fragments of Amanda Todd’s online footprint as well. One video, from December 19, 2010, reports, “Amanda has been blocked a few times for showing … She said she has been IP-banned from Blogtv.” You can watch it here.

Vice.com’s Patrick McGuire, who spent much of the week digging deep in the bowels of the online netherworld to uncover evidence relating to Amanda Todd’s sexual extortion, spoke with an IT expert who surmised that Kody Maxson might as well be a fictitious character invented to throw Internet detectives off the trail. But video evidence dating back to 2010 surely suggests otherwise.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police say Maxson is the wrong guy. He recently told the Vancouver Sun the real stalker is a man known as Viper. “If I was a tormentor I’d be in police custody,” he told the Sun, adding he’s “really pissed off and annoyed” at the accusations. “None of it’s true. I’m feeling betrayed.”

Maxson appeared in court Monday for unrelated charges of sexual assault and sexual interference of a person under 16. Anonymous traced him to the online handle Kody1206, an active user on Blogtv and various forums dedicated to trading “jailbait,” or sexualized images of teens.

If Maxson was involved, even tangentially, with Amanda Todd’s extortion, he might not have been the only one who had a hand in it. Daily Capper videos are filled with disturbing accounts of older men convincing underage girls to strip and masturbate (“ ’bate”) for them on webcam. The men call that a “win.”

To win the girls’ trust, the men often lie and say they won’t record them. But if the girls refuse to chat a second time, the predators will threaten to share screen caps and videos with the girls’ friends and families — ruining their lives if they don’t “get what they want.”

The teen-videochat lurker known as r0r44.

Three cyberstalkers have now been tied to Peyton: Maxson, Viper, and a man known as r0, r044, r0r44 or rora-anon (above left). On the blog Anon-pass.org is a dump of (unconfirmed) images and disturbing rumors about r0r44:

He is also accused of recording a twelve year old girl who killed herself just recently so some anon’s on anonib and other chan’s think he is a murderer as well.

R0r44 is known for having recordings of girls so young they could very well be boys and you wouldn’t tell if it wasn’t for the explicitness of his recordings. (or so I have heard).

He is in love with a girl named Peyton who is now 15. … There are more pics of him where he is cutting to spell out in blood how much he loves Peyton, but it is graphic and also pornographic so I wont show it here.

Viper’s connection is no less disturbing. Another Daily Capper video, from November 7, 2010, shows Peyton chatting with Viper about his real age (he is believed to be 41). “Seriously?” she says, stunned. “And you watch … you wanna see a 14-year-old girl ’bate?

“My dad’s a cop,” she continues, “so I wouldn’t be telling me that, ’cause that’s, like, pedophile. I’ll really go get my dad right now to backtrace your computer. he’s already caught like three pedophiles on Blogtv before and he got them in jail.”

In a follow-up video weeks later, Daily Capper reports, “Viper has been upset at the way Peyton has been treating him since she found out his real age.”

As Amanda Todd found out, there are often severe consequences when cyberstalkers get upset.

In December 2010, when Todd was barely 14, a stranger coerced her into exposing her breasts online. A year later, the same stranger contacted her, threatening to spread screenshots of Todd to her friends and family if she didn’t “give him a show.” She refused, and the man, true to his word, passed images of the preteen to her close contacts.

In a haunting self-produced video (see below), Todd writes her story on index cards: Her peers at school began harassing her, abusing her verbally and physically. She turned to drugs. She attempted to take her own life by drinking bleach. And a week ago, after she posted this plea for help, she tried to kill herself again — and succeeded.

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