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Hero Teachers Volunteer to Work for Free After Massive Budget Cuts

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By India Kushner on June 14, 2012

When Gwinnett County school officials cut $89 million out of their operating budget, a group of a teachers from Benefield Elementary School in Lawrenceville, GA, decided to step up, offering free reading classes for their students this summer. Hero tag, you got it.

Led by one of the elementary school teachers, Karon Stocks, about 40-45 teachers are now volunteering three hours of their time, every Wednesday from 9 am to noon. Over the summer, no less!

Stocks said that she didn’t want her students to forget what they learned over the summer break. When she found out about the budget cuts, she sent out an email, asking co-workers to volunteer with her. “Within 15 minutes I had five people who’d already signed up,” she told CBS Atlanta.

Benefield Elementary has agreed to open its library for the summer, where the classes have been taking place. Since the program started, three Wednesdays ago, about 100 families have taken advantage it. One big fear, though: Hopefully the teachers’ generosity is not taken advantage of as well — if teachers are going to show up as volunteers, there may be no stopping local and state officials from slashing budgets more and preying on kindness, rather than dealing with the revenue side of the equation.

If Fox News has taught us anything, it’s that teachers are evil people trying to indoctrinate your kids into some lib’rul lifestyle. This amazing story of amazing people doing amazing work will surely be tough to spin.

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India Kushner is a recent graduate of Goucher College and HyperVocal staff writer. Follow her @inkus001

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