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800-Pound Woman Rocks the Biggest Wedding Dress in the World

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By HVnews on May 9, 2012

Susanne Eman, the 32-year-old Arizona woman on a quest to break the world record for heaviest human being, began her determined ascent when modeling pictures of her began to attract admirers. One of them, Parker Clack (a chef!), is now her soon-to-be-husband — and to get ready for their summer wedding, Eman commissioned a custom-made wedding dress that requires 45 feet of fabric to fit her 107-inch waist. She says she wants it in off-white because she knows she’ll spill food on it.

HuffPo has all the young-couple-in-love pics:

By the way, when we say she rocks her dress, we mean it. Amid all the fat-shaming you’ll see on Eman and her husband, can we just say that even if large ladies aren’t your thing — they happen to be many guys’ thing — Eman is a total babe. She’s sweet and caring and confident and unashamed of her body. She loves eating and her fiancé loves cooking. It seems like a great match.

(via BuzzFeed)


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