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Dude’s Bang Bus Prank Is Actually Just a Real Gay Porn Series Called Bait Bus

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on April 3, 2014

“America’s Troll” Steve Greene decided to prank a poor unsuspecting dude who thinks he’s going to hop in the van and bang some porn stars.

Greene enlisted Tara Lynn Foxx and Layton Benton to lure in a rando for a homemade Bang Bus. While it’s unclear whether or not this prank is staged — just like the real “reality porn” it mimics — it does run you through the gamut of emotions. You’ll laugh, you’ll shake your head, you’ll cup your mouth, you’ll feel bad for the guy. Watch, then let’s discuss afterward.

Here’s the, um, rub: This “prank” ALREADY EXISTS AS A THING.

Long ago the Bang Bus begot the Bait Bus (NSFW), another staged reality porn series in which the videographers would lure someone in the van to have sex with a female, only to be blindfolded and serviced by a dude. At some point mid-hummer, the bait-and-switch would be revealed, and usually the “straight” guy just rolls with it and eventually tops the bait bottom because reality.

Essentially, Greene and his porn star crew are saying, “Hey, this is our hilarious prank parody of porn except it’s just real porn and we either don’t know how to Google or don’t think anyone outside the gays will know or care.”


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