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Owen Wilson’s Military School Yearbook

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By HVentertainment on May 23, 2012

In tenth grade, actor Owen Wilson was caught cheating on a geometry exam, expelled, and sent to military school in New Mexico, where he got his high school degree. Redditor TeganNichelle was flipping through her boyfriend’s old yearbook, she says, and “found this guy”:

She writes,

Rough summary/bullet points of what my boyfriend said: “He was a senior I was a junior, we had precalc together but I was smarter then he was haha. He was nice pretty much like he is now but a little less cocky, He had a crooked nose then. He had no aspirations of being an actor when I knew him at least he never mentioned that.”

So apparently he was super nice back then not a dick at all just cocky lol. I don’t think my bf would lie to me about him actually being a dick lol, trust me he has no problem calling someone out on their crap. But yeah he said he was really nice, and he was pretty much exactly as I’m assuming you imagine him now, just not famous.

But the most startling thing about this picture isn’t the perpetually shaggy Wilson’s short hair. Look at the quote from the guy above him. Anyone else wondering what the “blood room” is? Dahmer?

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