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Nathan Barnatt’s Dance Moves Are Back

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By HVvids on January 23, 2012

Nathan Barnatt‘s “I’mma dance like nobody’s watching” videos are a justified sensation.

His sweet moves added to Madeon’s mega-mix “Pop Culture” have been seen more than two million times on YouTube. His viral Skittles Boom Box ad clocks in at about one million views. There’s something about a guy oozing with self-awareness and a body seemingly lacking in joints that makes us all smile.

Barnatt just uploaded his latest — get in there super-early and check out his work on Yelle’s “Comme Un Enfant (Freaks Remix)” before everyone tells you how great it is:

Sweet cameo from indie darling Martin Starr, who also made an appearance in this Barnatt video.

Many thanks to our friend Paul B. Cummings, who directed and edited this video, for passing it along.

Click Page 2 below to see more of Barnatt’s killer moves on The YouTube…


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