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Yo ‘Happy Endings,’ Chris Bosh Looks NOTHING Like Omar’s Boyfriends From ‘The Wire’

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By Cooper Fleishman on October 25, 2012

Tuesday night’s Happy Endings featured a string of Miami Heat jokes so spiteful they could only come from a show set in Chicago. The championship doesn’t count, shortened season, injury-plagued (cough Derrick Rose cough) opponents, yada yada.

And then this joke about Chris Bosh looking like one of Omar’s boyfriends from The Wire. Yeah! Who doesn’t love unexpected doppelgängers and Wire references?

Except … we’ve seen The Wire, and no, Bosh doesn’t look anything like Omar’s boyfriends. Not at all. Bosh looks like a seven-foot-tall dino-bird sucking on a thin straw. Brandon, Dante and Renaldo, for being robbery accomplices, all have a certain twinky puppy-dog cuteness that is objectively un-Boshlike. Here, look:

This is Chris Bosh:


The book he’s reading is by George Pelecanos, a head writer on The Wire. Clever, clever.



If you’re looking for a true look-alike, Brandon’s really a dead-ringer for former LeBron James teammate (and alleged would-be stepdad) Delonte West:

There you have it. You just got mythbusted, Happy Endings. But you’re still a very funny show.

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