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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dave Franco, Brother of James

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By HVentertainment on March 19, 2012

First of all, know this: He plays a high school drug dealer in the well-reviewed 21 Jump Street, and he’s getting a wee bit of attention for it. OK, maybe a lot of attention, judging from his feature in this month’s GQ. But what do we know about him, really, besides his famous actor brother, James?

1. He masturbated to a picture of his mom

In his seven-minute SXSW short, “Would You,” he stars as a guy whose harmless game of “Would You Rather” starts coming true in bizarre ways. One climactic scene involves a picture of his mother — played by his real-life mother, Betsy.

2. By the way, Dave doesn’t have a Twitter, but his mom does

Follow Betsy (@francosmom) here.

3. He was on Scrubs

And people made fan videos of him being hot.


4. He was Greg the soccer player in Superbad


5. He took acting lessons from his bro

They went really well.


6. He (almost) made out with McLovin


7. He actually made out with Meadow Soprano

And got cockblocked by a cat.

Note: Dave’s real-life cat’s name is Arturo.

8. He can be a little narcissistic

“The most uncomfortable thing is that there had to be a body double the whole time,” Franco told GQ. “My friend who’s directing it put his shirt over his head, he just couldn’t take it, and I was like, ‘Dude, if I’m fucking doing this, you’re fucking watching me!’”

9. This happened

10. He has way fewer degrees than James

James has numerous master’s and doctoral degrees; Dave is still three classes away from his bachelor’s in psychology at USC, having left abruptly for an acting job. “Yeah, he gives me shit!” Dave says.

Oh the plus side, if Dave — who was once an aspiring creative-writing teacher — does return to school, it won’t be hard for him to get better grades than James‘.

11. He was considered for Robert Pattinson’s role in Twilight

His audition involved smelling people and feigning a lack of interest.


12. He has a fan Tumblr called Fuck Yeah Dave Franco

Ogle the man to your heart’s content here.

We’ll be seeing a lot more of this guy: He’s got two new flicks coming out: 2013’s Warm Bodies, a zombie love story costarring Skins‘ Nicholas Hoult, and Now You See Me, a magician heist movie with Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg.

Until then, his Funny or Die page will leave you giggling for hours.


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