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Bob Ross’ Son Steve Also Painted Like a Sexy Landscapin’ Beast

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By HVvids on July 15, 2012

UPDATE: Check out Bob Ross’ birthday Google Doodle

Bob Ross is a cultural icon, a national treasure.

But there are a few things about the laid-back afro’d man behind “The Joy of Painting” you may not have known. Were you aware Bob Ross was a member of the Air Force for two decades? Or that he never collected a single dime from his 11-year run on PBS? Or that he had a incredibly mulleted son Steve who joined him on the show from time to time?

Steve’s a landscape guru, too. Some fine YouTuber threw Steve’s best moments — like, “Pound it into that brush real good,” “When I say large I mean it, don’t I?” and “It’s getting bigger all the time, it’s huge. Look at that! It’s a monster” — over some sensual music. The result is this sexy beast.

Oh, Steve, paint us like one of your French girls.

Ross the Elder died 17 years ago last week (has it really been that long?). If he were still alive, how much would you give to see this painting pair in a body switch movie? Count us in for millions.

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