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35 Best Tumblr Pics From 1996

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By Mike Cardillo on July 27, 2012

We’re in the throes of a 1990s nostalgia kick. We started, almost accidentally, posting the best pics on Tumblr tagged “1992.” Then we moved on to 1995. Then 1998. Then 1990. Then 1993. Now it’s 1996’s turn. Huzzah.

For most Americans, 1996 probably conjures up an image of heroic pixie Kerri Strug — or SNL’s Chris Kattan playing her — vaulting on a broken ankle and securing a gold medal for the USofA at the Atlanta Olympics.

A few weeks after the games came the seminal pop culture moment of the decade. On Aug. 27, 1996, we witnessed the most important debut in TV history. Of course I’m talking about “Homeboys in Outer Space” (gif me!).

Could this be any more perfect? Tom Arnold and 2Pac shake hands … and a youngish Will Ferrell looks on.

Colbert Cameo on SNL

Scream franchise debuts. It’s cool like Fonzie.

Natalie Portman did three 1996 movies: Beautiful Girls, Mars Attacks!, and Everyone Says I Love You.

Rad cell phone belt, Spielbergo.

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Sassy indeed.

Once hot, now an insufferable lunatic:

Oooh, baby, eat some bread.

Young JGL!

When P. Diddy was a Biggie henchman

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The worst toilet in Scotland:

Wherefore art thou, Leo?

One time (one time)


Peter Stormare stole Fargo.

Want a massage, angel?

Click here for Page 2 — we’ve got tons more great pics, like Bone Thugs, Spice World, Kobe, and the most WTF pic of Ellen DeGeneres ever.


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