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AIDS Jokes Are Never Funny…Unless They’re in Special Episodes of Mr. Belvedere?

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By HVentertainment on December 8, 2011

Most people remember traumatizing moments from “very special episodes” of the sitcoms we grew up watching. We remember when pedophile bike store owner Gordon Jump molested Dudley on Diff’rent Strokes. We remember when Jessie Spano had that caffeine pill freakout on Saved By the Bell. We remember when Tom Hanks showed up as the Keaton kids’ alcoholic uncle on Family Ties. We remember when DJ Tanner had an eating disorder in an episode of Full House.

We remember that very special episode of Mr. Belvedere when Wesley’s friend Danny got AIDS and laughed it off like it was no big thing. Wait. What? NO! WE DON’T REMEMBER THAT!

File this one under “An Awkward Place for a Laugh Track.”

“Well I got AIDS, but other than that I’m doing pretty good.” Ho. Lee. Shitballs. How did that happen? When did that happen? Stop it. Did this really happen? It did?

Let’s go to the IMDB description of “Welsey’s Friend” for more information:

Wesley is supposed to play William Howard Taft in the school’s Presidents’ Day pageant, an opening to play Abraham Lincoln comes up. The boy who was supposed to play Lincoln, Wesley’s friend Danny, has been pulled out of school because he got AIDS from a blood transfusion. Not knowing anything about the virus, Wesley believes what his friends tell him about it and makes him afraid of Danny.

Okay, well that’s just about the wildest thing we’ll see today. Let’s blame Bob Uecker for this.

(Great, great find by Michelle Collins at Best Week Ever)

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