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Man With 2 Penises, Woman With 2 Vaginas Were the Sexiest Couple of the 19th Century

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By Cooper Fleishman on May 15, 2012

(Probably NSFW.)

Blanche Dumas, born to French and Caribbean parents, was a high-class Parisian courtesan in the late 1800s. She was uniquely qualified for her line of work: Attached to her lower back was a third leg, and her wider-than-normal pelvis contained two bladders, two bowels and, yes, two vaginas. Her doctors noted that both sets of ladyparts had “equally developed sensations.” They also commented on her sex drive, which was “markedly pronounced,” and, they confirmed, “coitus was practised in both vaginae.”

As you can see, the “breasts” between her legs weren’t always there. It was stump of another limb (either undeveloped or amputated) protruding between two legs, painted with nipples to resemble a second, tiny bosom, which made her even more of an exotic commodity for Parisian pimps to promote.

* * *

While living in Paris, Dumas met Juan Baptista dos Santos, a Portuguese man with a “ravenous” sexual appetite. Like Dumas, he happened to have a third, nonfunctional leg, which he kept in a sling or tied to his thigh. And like Dumas, he also had a second set of genitals.

“Juan was considered quite handsome, fit and well proportioned,” writes The Human Marvels, which adds, “Both penises functioned perfectly. An 1865 report stated that Santos used both penises during intercourse and, after finishing with one he would continue with the other.”

Diphallia, known as penile duplication, is a condition in which a male is born with two penises. Only 1,000 cases have ever been reported. One in 5.5 million men in the United States has two penises.

* * *

Physically, the two fit together like a two-fingered hand in a two-fingered glove, and before long the two embarked on an affair, making love with the ferocity only a couple with four sets of genitals could muster. The affair was well-publicized, naturally, by the Us Weeklys of the time. As the legend goes, “Both had found the only living human at the time who had the capacity to satisfy their appetite and their bodies.”

Sources: Cogitz, The Human Marvels, Phreeque

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