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Animal Dialogues No. 4: Tuna on Spawning

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E.A. Weiss

By E.A. Weiss on April 19, 2012

Hank: What do you call a Jamaican Jewfish?

Sally: What?

Hank: Sal, mon.

Sally: Wonderful.

Hank: Who’s your least favorite scientist?

Sally: I don’t know.

Hank: Marie Curie.

Sally: What?

Hank: Or as her friends called her, Mar. Curie.

Sally: I think I should go.

Hank: Mercury! Get it?

Sally: Those fisherman look awfully nice.

Hank: Ha. Ha. Ha.

Sally: You know I’m not laying eggs anymore, right?

Hank: Yeah, so?

Sally: You don’t have to play this game.

Hank: What game?

Sally: You don’t have to stick around, Hank.

Hank: But I can sea that we’re going to have a whale of a time!

Sally: I only know those were puns because of your delivery.

Hank: Your nickname could be Fin, you know.

Sally: I don’t even …

Hank: Because you’re such a doll, Fin.

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E.A. Weiss is a writer in New York. Follow him around.


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